The Twelve Commitments


12 Business Commitments

The New Zealand Tourism Sustainability Commitment consists of a set of 12 Commitments for individual businesses to work towards.



 1. Resilience - Focus on long-term business performance and resilience.

 2. Investment - Invest to create value, opportunities and to drive sustainability practices.

 3. Innovation - Innovate to solve problems, create new ways to do things and increase productivity.



4. Visitor Satisfaction - Strive to always meet or exceed visitor expectations.

5. Culture and Heritage - Embrace Aotearoa New Zealand's culture and heritage as part of delivering a unique and authentic visitor experience.

6. Visitor Engagement - Engage with visitors about how to be great travellers within Aotearoa New Zealand.



7. Employer of Choice - Attract, support and develop the workforce we need to flourish and succeed.

8. Community Engagement - Actively and positively engage with the communities in which we operate, taking a leadership role to champion causes that are important to the community.

9. Sustainable Supply Chains - Have socially and environmentally sustainable supply chains.



10. Restoring Nature - Contribute to protecting and enhancing Aotearoa New Zealand's environment, including water, biodiversity, landscapes and clean air.

11. Carbon Reduction - Act urgently to contribute to Aotearoa New Zealand's transition to a net zero carbon economy.

12. Eliminating Waste - Take responsibility for the entire life cycle of products and services we use and ultimately eliminate the waste associated with these.