Commitment 1


This Commitment is about having a focus on long term business performance and resilience.

To develop your sustainability plan, download the Action Plan (Word template) if you haven't already, go through the actions for each commitment, figure out where you need to start, and make a plan!

Actions to get started:

Start by ensuring you are set up to operate your business based on sound business practices (human resources, health & safety, financial management, paying the correct tax, operating ethically, etc). Make sure you include these actions:

 ✓ Review your vision and mission (or purpose), or write one if you don’t have one, and incorporate sustainability.
 ✓ Update your business plan (or write one if you don’t have one) and include short-term and longer-term goals.
 ✓ Develop a system to keep track of your finances and analyse your financial reports regularly.
 ✓ Use a business analysis tool to assess your business and competitive environment. Incorporate this into your business plan.
 ✓ Understand your risk profile and plan accordingly.
 ✓ Operate with good business ethics.

Actions for doing more:

Once you have the basics sorted, start looking at how you can report on non-financial metrics, and benchmark your performance.

 ✓ Include visitor, community and environmental metrics alongside your financial indicators and regularly report on these as appropriate to staff, stakeholders, industry and the public.
 ✓ Benchmark your business against your own performance and that of others.


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