Commitment 2


This Commitment is about investing to create value, opportunities and to drive sustainable practices.

To develop your sustainability plan, download the Action Plan (Word template) if you haven't already, go through the actions for each commitment, figure out where you need to start, and make a plan!

Actions to get started:

Start by ensuring you have plans in place to prudently manage and safeguard all your financial assets.

 ✓ Have a plan in place to prudently manage intangible and current assets .
 ✓ Undertake regular reviews of your fixed assets, ideally as part of your budget process.

Actions for doing more:

Once you have the basics sorted, look at how you can use sustainability to drive all your investment decisions. Also ensure you are planning for current and future investment needs.

 ✓ Include potential future investments in your long term business plan (considering how the investment will add to the quality and productivity of your business over time).
 ✓ Develop a sustainable procurement policy.
 ✓ Incorporate sustainability as a key factor into any new buildings or refits.


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