Commitment 7

employer of choice

This Commitment is about attracting, supporting and developing the workforce we need to flourish and succeed.

To develop your sustainability plan, download the Action Plan (Word template) if you haven't already, go through the actions for each commitment, figure out where you need to start, and make a plan!

Actions to get started:

Develop a plan to attract and develop talent - including paying a fair wage to all staff at all levels of the business. Also look at the conditions you offer. Ensure you're an inclusive employer, and employ New Zealanders where they are available.

 ✓ Make a plan towards paying at least the living wage to all staff. This should include an analysis of the market to ensure the salaries you offer for all positions are competitive.

Review the conditions of your staff and investigate other conditions you could include as benefits.


Ensure you have staff induction and training processes in place for new staff


Develop an organisational chart for your business and a job description for every staff member.  


Be an inclusive employer and celebrate the diversity of your workforce. Ensure your policies reflect this.


Utilise existing programmes (such as Go With Tourism) to attract and retain talent. Focus on employing New Zealanders where they're available.


Support initiatives and programmes (such as Go With Tourism) that showcase the tourism industry's attractiveness to young New Zealanders.


Undertake regular performance reviews of all your staff.


Put systems in place to capture feedback and satisfaction levels from staff.


Talk about your company culture in your internal and external communications.

Actions for doing more:

Once you have the basics sorted, look at how you can support growth by building skills and capability within your business.

 ✓ Offer professional development opportunities to your staff and have a training and development plan for everyone in your team.
 ✓ Investigate how you can become recognised as an Employer of Choice.


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