Commitment 6

Visitor Engagement

This Commitment is about engaging with visitors about how to be great travellers within Aotearoa New Zealand.

To develop your sustainability plan go through the actions for each commitment, figure out where you need to start, and make a plan!

Actions to get started:

Ensure you're doing your bit to educate visitors about how to be great travellers in New Zealand.

 ✓ Integrate the Tiaki Promise into your business to educate visitors about how to travel responsibly in New Zealand.

Develop and apply specific messaging around the expectations for visitors that are relevant to your location and business.


Engage with your visitors to understand their cultural backgrounds and needs.

Actions for doing more:

Consider how you can provide visitors with opportunities to get involved with your community and give back.

 ✓ Provide your visitors with opportunities to engage with and enrich the communities they visit and interact with.


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