The power of customer feedback

Enhancing the visitor experience

Car and campervan hire company JUCY Rentals has made a commitment to providing a phenomenal visitor experience through the power of customer feedback.

JUCY hasn’t always been a champion of customer feedback, explains Chief Executive Tim Alpe. There was a time earlier on in the business where feedback was given a lot of lip service, but not taken very seriously, he explains. 

“I guess we didn’t truly understand the benefit of listening to the customer, and thought we already knew what was best.”

Now, JUCY strives to capture customer feedback at every point of the customer experience — after booking, during the customer interaction, and post-experience.

“Customer feedback is critical for us and we need to understand exactly where the experience can be enhanced to make sure we’re retaining as many customers as possible.”

Encouraging customer-led innovation

Becoming customer-focused has encouraged innovation.

For example, in response to customer feedback JUCY devised a new model of accommodation — pods. Each traveller has their own pod, with the ability to control light/darkness, safeguard their privacy and security, and access their own power point.

Looking ahead to the future, JUCY sees the entire tourism industry operating with a customer-centric focus.

Tim hopes to see a tourism industry where companies’ NPS (Net Promoter Scores) are transparent, and competitors compete on the basis of these regionally. 

“When this sort of benchmarking occurs, we’ll see a real increase in the level of service provided to customers, and ultimately New Zealand will win.” 

To improve the customer experience, JUCY has worked with Customer Radar - voice of customer feedback software based on Net Promoter Score. Visit their website to see Tim Alpe talking about visitor sustainability; customer-led innovation and how JUCY is collecting customer feedback.

JUCY's focus on the customer is helping it meet Business Commitments 4 - Businesses undertake customer satisfaction monitoring, evaluation and reporting and 5 - Businesses innovate to improve or upgrade their offering to enhance visitor experience.