Organic waste

don't send organic waste to landfill

Make a plan for your organic waste so it doesn't to go landfill and contribute to the production of harmful greenhouse gases.

The first step in managing your organic waste is undertaking an audit so you know what you’re dealing with. You could include this in your waste audit. Don’t forget to include the waste generated by your team in the office as well as your operations.

Once you understand what your organic waste consists of, you can work on ways to reduce it before considering how to dispose of it.

There are lots of alternatives for dealing with organic waste, including composting, worm farms or donating the waste to local pic farmers. If you have food waste from events, a restaurant or cafe, consider donating it to a local cause.

Waikato-based Kaivolution is a good example of a local project dedicated to rescuing edible and useable food that would otherwise have gone to landfill. Projects like this are springing up all over our country.


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