Check out these Frequently Asked Questions to find out about the New Zealand Tourism Sustainability Commitment and how and why you should get involved.


Q: What is the Tourism Sustainability Commitment?

The New Zealand Tourism Sustainability Commitment sits alongside the Tourism 2025 growth framework. It establishes industry-level Goals, and a set of Commitments that individual businesses can adopt to help the industry reach those goals. Together, we can create a world-leading example of a truly sustainable tourism industry that will make a positive long-term contribution to New Zealand.

Q: What are the Goals and Commitments?

There are 8 industry-level Goals, and 14 business Commitments.

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Q: What are the targets?

We will survey businesses annually to see how we are tracking against the industry Goals and business-led Commitments. 

Download the 2017 scorecard to see the baseline results and targets.


Q: Why was it developed?

It was an outcome of the Tourism 2025 growth framework refresh which said the New Zealand tourism industry can and must develop strategies to ensure it is demonstrably committed to looking after its economic future and the resources it uses. To achieve this, sustainability must become a genuine ethical underpinning of the industry and a core value against which all decisions are tested.   

Rapid growth in visitor numbers has been a boon to the industry, generating many business and employment opportunities, as well as benefitting the New Zealand economy and communities across the country.

But it also means the tourism industry is facing the challenges of managing and sustaining growth, rather than generating growth. We need to manage our affairs to ensure tourism’s actual and reputational standing is maintained and enhanced, while we continue to deliver a consistently outstanding visitor experience.

Q: Who developed it?

It was developed by industry for industry. Tourism Industry Aotearoa led the project with the support of an external Reference Group with representatives from Air New Zealand, the Department of Conservation, Discover Wanaka, Griffith University, Tourism Holdings Ltd, Tourism New Zealand, Real Journeys, Whale Watch Kaikoura and Ziptrek Ecotours.

The project team also talked with a range of other stakeholders and achieved wider industry input through consultation and workshops.

The Commitment was launched at TIA’s Tourism Summit Aotearoa on 14 November 2017. Around 40 supporters had signed up to the Commitment prior to launch day

Q: How does it fit with other sustainability programmes?

The Commitment is designed to have very wide uptake across every sector of the industry.

We know some businesses are already exceeding the performance levels set out in the Commitments. For other businesses, the Commitments will offer a target for them to aspire to. 

The Commitment complements other sustainability programmes. Our tourism industry benefits from a number of initiatives related to sustainability, including some that require certifications or accreditation. Qualmark and EarthCheck are two such programmes. 

Businesses involved in these programmes will be very well placed to meet the requirements of the Tourism Sustainability Commitment.

We encourage businesses to continue participating in these programmes, while also signing up to the Commitment.


Q: How does it fit with Tourism 2025?

The Tourism Sustainability Commitment sits alongside the Tourism 2025 growth framework. It contributes to the Tourism 2025 goals of growing regional dispersal and overcoming seasonality - as well as helping reach our target of growing value faster than volume to achieve total tourism revenue of $41 billion a year by 2025.



Q: What do I sign up to?

When your business signs up to the New Zealand Tourism Sustainability Commitment you will:

You will also:

  • Strive to live the sustainabiilty values and outperform the requirements.

  • Work purposefully to adopt the Commitments into your business practices.

  • Monitor and report progress on each Commitment within your business.

  • Respond to TIA's annual survey on your progress on each Commitment.

  • Tell stories about what you and the industry are doing and achieving.

Q: What do I receive?

You will receive a New Zealand Tourism Sustainability Commitment logo to publish on your website, a certificate to display in your premises and a copy of the booklet


Q: What’s in it for my business?

Sustainability provides numerous opportunities to grow the value of tourism businesses and the wider industry. A well-managed, welcoming, innovative and sustainable business has greater appeal to customers, who are increasingly demanding that businesses share and live their values. If you can’t demonstrate what you are doing in this space, you may lose business.

Q: Who can sign up?

Any New Zealand tourism business or organisation can sign up to the Commitment. There is also an opportunity for organisations and businesses outside tourism to come on board as endorsers. For more information email info@tia.org.nz

Q: How do I sign up?

It’s quick and simple - email TIA.  

Q: Is there a cost?

There is no cost.

Q: Where can I find more information?

Have a look around this website, which details the Goals and Commitments. The tools pages have information to help you achieve the business Commitments, including practical guides. 

If you’d like to discuss the Tourism Sustainability Commitment or have any queries that aren’t covered here, please email info@tia.org.nz

Q: Who has signed up?

Find out who has signed up to the Commitment.