Carbon Reduction

Tools and resources to help you meet business commitment 12 - carbon reduction.

Toitū Envirocare carbon footprint calculators

Toitū Envirocare (formerly Enviro-Mark Solutions) has several tools which enable you to calculate and offset emissions for your travels, or your household activities. Alternatively, you can also directly offset your emissions if you have already calculated your footprint. There are some great deals for TIA members

carboNZero Programme

The carboNZero and CEMARS programmes are internationally accredited greenhouse gas certification schemes. They provide tools for organisations, products, services and events to measure and reduce their greenhouse gas emissions (carbon footprint), and optionally offset it. The programmes are owned and operated by Enviro-Mark Solutions Limited, a wholly owned subsidiary of Landcare Research (100% NZ government-owned). 

Ekos - a social enterprise

The Ekos purpose is to help build a low carbon economy by making carbon offsetting and carbon neutrality more affordable, accessible and to feel good. They help you measure your own carbon footprint and work towards becoming carbon neutral. Zero Carbon with Ekos includes offsetting flights, events and driving. Ekos is a charitable trust.

Electric Vehicles - drive the future

Go electric: reduce the running costs of your business vehicles and cut your carbon emissions from transport by 80%. Find out more about EVs in fleets, and use the total cost of ownership tool at EECA Business. 

Charging your EV: ways to charge an electric vehicle and charging facilities in New Zealand.

How to develop a carbon offset programme

Adventure Travel News outlines steps to take to implement a carbon offset program in your business. 

Measuring emissions - guidance for organisations

The Ministry for the Environment has produced guidance for New Zealand organisations wishing to self-report their greenhouse gas emissions. It encourages best practice in greenhouse gas monitoring and reporting. It explains how to produce an inventory, provides the latest emissions factors for common sources of emissions in New Zealand, enables organisations to easily calculate their emissions through an interactive spreadsheet, and provides examples to show what a GHG inventory and GHG report look like.

Catalyst carbon calculators

Catalyst® Ltd has easily downloadable, excel-based carbon calculators for businesses and households.