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Links to sustainability research, data and insights. We are always adding to these links, so check back regularly and send us any links you think should be included to email

Tourism's Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Stats NZ has developed an inventory of greenhouse gas emissions using the United Nations’ System of Environmental-Economic Accounting (SEEA) framework. For the first time, the Stats NZ analysis includes tourism industry greenhouse gas emissions. This means it will now be possible to track overall industry performance and to assess the effectiveness of efforts to reduce tourism emissions. TIA will maintain and update this series as Stats NZ releases new data. This series will also be used as a performance tracking metric for the Tourism Sustainability Commitment’s Commitment 11 – Carbon Reduction, along with a wider set of tourism sustainability indicators. Find out more    

Global Sustainable Tourism Dashboard

The Global Sustainable Tourism Dashboard, produced by Griffith University, has a variety of data and insights which provide information on the status of global sustainability along core indicators, and reveal trends. The research indicators include Poverty Alleviation, Dispersion of Travel, Carbon Emissions, Sustainable Production, Protected Areas, Gender Equity and Security. 

Domestic Satisfaction Report Series

TIA’s Domestic Satisfaction Report series was commissioned to monitor domestic travellers’ perceptions of their travel within New Zealand as a tracking mechanism for the TSC. The research also meets the needs of other organisations across the industry, such as regional tourism organisations, economic development agencies and individual operators. It is undertaken for TIA by Angus & Associates. The research commenced at the beginning of 2018 and will continue to be conducted quarterly as an ongoing industry measure. 2400 New Zealand travellers are surveyed online each year. For the visitor satisfaction module, respondents must have travelled overnight within the last 12 months to participate in the survey. Find out more