Queenstown's Sherwood Hotel ranked among world’s best for sustainability

Key Learnings

  • Being sustainable can earn international recommendations and positive attention.
  • It is important to consider sustainability in all aspects of business. This can be in a wide range of activities, such as waste management, renewable energy, or providing education and entertainment for the host community.
  • Providing information and resources for visitors on how they can be sustainable will encourage sustainability beyond the business itself.


Sherwood Queenstown has been ranked amongst the top 10 eco-friendly holiday destinations by Expedia.

The hotel was the only in the Pacific region to make the list, and is ranked among large international locations in France, Canada, and Thailand.

The list was put together by searching more than 8 million user reviews for words such as ‘sustainable’, and ‘eco-friendly’, and measuring the sentiment and volume of the reviews in different locations.

Importance of our environment 

Sherwood Queenstown is motivated by the Māori concept of Kaitiakitanga - that we are a guardian and protector of our land, sea, and sky.

Co-founder and director Adam Smith believes that our environment is one of New Zealand’s greatest asset.

“Our natural environment and landscape are the reason the vast majority of people choose to live and travel here. So for us, it’s just common sense that we operate our business in a way that will protect and enhance it for generations to come.”

Far reaching initiatives

The hotel has put in place a wide range of sustainability initiatives aim to reduce waste and their carbon footprint, and provide excellent service to both guests and the surrounding community.

All produce at their restaurant is procured as ethically as possible, with 99% of food sourced from New Zealand. Additionally, 40% of green produce is grown in their own kitchen garden. Waste produced from the kitchen is then composted and used in the garden to grow more produce.

Sherwood Queenstown has 248 multi-crystalline solar panels which produce more power than what is used for the hotel. Excess energy is then returned to the grid.

The hotel emphasises community involvement in making a sustainable future possible. Electric car charging stations are available, along with affordable bike hire and information on public transport. 100% of their marketing budget goes towards the community, hosting events that include workshops, music, and wellness.


Sherwood Queenstown’s initiatives in its restaurant align with Business Commitment 13 – Businesses have waste reduction and management programmes.

The work they do in the community aligns with Business Commitment 9 – Businesses actively engage with the communities in which they operate.