Camp Glenorchy's winning formula

Camp Glenorchy is innovating in every possible area, taking home the TIA Sustainability Innovation Award 2019.

Key Points

  • Camp Glenorchy seeks to run all aspects of its business in compliance with the Living Building Challenge, the highest sustainability standard in the world
  • Its innovations led to the site being presented with the TIA Sustainability Innovation Award 2019 at the 2019 Holiday Parks New Zealand Conference
  • The award seeks to recognise innovations by holiday parks that contribute to economic, host community, visitor and/or environmental sustainability
  • Other tourism operators can benefit from Camp Glenorchy’s resources, systems, practices and innovations. Find out more.


Sustainability showcase
Designed from the ground up to showcase sustainability, Camp Glenorchy was built to reflect the imperatives of the Living Building Challenge, the most rigorous sustainability standard in the world.

The site generates more than enough solar energy to power its needs, captures rainwater and uses 50% less water than typical accommodations. Through natural processing, it treats all of its own wastewater onsite.

As a reflection of its commitment to the local community, the business gifts 100% of its profits to the Glenorchy Community Trust, administered by local residents to foster the vibrancy and resilience of the township.

Energy efficient  
Energy-efficient LED lighting, solar light tubes and thoughtful building orientation ensure that spaces are filled with light and warmth with minimal electrical draw.

One of the two-bedroom cabins is so well-designed that everything in it can be powered with a 200-watt extension cord.

Innovative transparent solar panels are used in several locations to both collect sunlight and allow light to pass into covered living and foot traffic spaces.