Tree planting as part of employee's onboarding – #TiakiChampions

Ziptrek Ecotours began their native tree-planting project on Bob’s Peak 11 years ago. Since then, the eco-tour operator has planted over 5000 native trees and scrubs - aiming to reintroduce native flora into the area currently overwhelmingly overrun by wilding trees.

In their latest initiative, all new staff members to the company will be given the opportunity to take part in the ongoing project by planting their very own tree.

During each new employee's onboarding, they are taken to a plot of cleared land on Bob’s Peak, previously overrun with invasive species, and given a native Red Beech or Mingimingi to plant.

Natives planted by previous staff over the years now thrive in the regenerated area. Many now stand over five metres tall.

"Queenstown’s environment is at the heart of our business and everything we do,” says Company Director Trent Yeo. “We couldn’t imagine living and working in this stunning environment without giving something back.”

The non-native Douglas Fir currently dominates the flora of Bob’s Peak and surrounding areas in Queenstown. This invasive North American species sucks nutrients and water from the soil, making it near-impossible for native trees to thrive.

Through this initiative, Ziptrek hopes to inspire staff to care for people, place and culture, for now and for future generations.