Tourism podcast focuses on regenerative tourism - #TiakiChampions

GOOD Awaits - The Regenerative Tourism New Zealand podcast is a platform for the collective discovery of what regenerative tourism means and to prompt discussion around how operators, travellers and tourism stakeholders can fulfil our commitment to the Tiaki Promise.

The podcast is a collaborative project being led by New Zealand Awaits and GOOD Travel. The GOOD Awaits podcast is intended to be accessible and inspiring both for New Zealanders interested in the future of tourism, and for a global audience. The GOOD Awaits podcast aims to:

  • Shift mindsets, inspiring operators, travellers and tourism stakeholders to reflect deeply on our role as guardians of Aotearoa
  • Amplify the voices of pioneers who are protecting and preserving our home, especially indigenous and minority voices
  • Expand regenerative thinking to a wider travel and tourism audience in New Zealand and globally
  • Provide foundational knowledge for communities and operators of what regenerative tourism and regenerative thinking is
  • Raise questions about the current model of tourism and why we need a paradigm shift to regenerative thinking in tourism
  • Inspire tourism providers and hosts in New Zealand and globally to start this journey towards regenerative practices in their communities
  • Create an engaged community of people who are on this journey together
  • Showcase New Zealand as leaders in regenerative tourism through highlighting initiatives like the Tiaki Promise

The first season of the podcast is in progress, with 10 episodes recorded and over 1800 downloads from over 40 countries. A second season of another 10 episodes is planned to continue these important and inspiring conversations.

The podcast can be accessed through any major podcast streaming platform or through