Promoting and encouraging an accessible and inclusive Queenstown

Over the last few months, DQ has been reviewing and enriching the Accessible Queenstown online resource on for visitors with access needs.

As one in four New Zealanders (25%) is limited by a physical, sensory, learning, mental health or other impairment, the aim has been to ensure that DQ is promoting Queenstown in a way which is inclusive and accessible.

DQ wants to ensure that all New Zealanders feel welcome to come and experience this beautiful part of the country. A core part of this process has involved working with a number of local operators and inclusive tourism specialists to make Accessible Queenstown a comprehensive resource for people with access needs to use to plan their Queenstown trip.

This market actively seeks information in advance to travelling (and throughout the duration of the trip) which is why DQ has produced a central source of information. 

DQ website updates:

DQ has reworked its Accessible Queenstown landing page to be more comprehensive, working with local operators and inclusive tourism advocates to inform content, position Queenstown as the home of inclusive adventure. As part of this, they have:

Produced five new inclusive blogs:

  1. Inclusive Queenstown Adventures
  2. Planning a Trip to Queenstown for People with Access Needs
  3. Adaptive Skiing & Snowsports in Queenstown
  4. Inclusive Queenstown Tours for People with Access Needs
  5. Accessible Trails in and Around Queenstown.


Built three new listing category pages:

  1. Accessible & Inclusive Adventures
  2. Accessible Accommodation
  3. Accessible & Inclusive Eateries.


Worked with MakingTrax to add their seal of approval to accredited activity listings as the national benchmark of inclusive adaptive adventure travel and tourism.

Created a new Wheelchair Accessible filter on key landing pages including:

  1. Activity subcategory pages
  2. Eat & Drink subcategory pages
  3. Accommodation subcategory pages.


For more information:
If you’re looking for information on ways to become more inclusive, the World Travel & Tourism Organisation has released Inclusive and Accessible Travel Guidelines which outline steps to creating an inclusive and accessible system, and how to create safe spaces.

If you’re not sure whether your business is accessible, complete this Business Accessibility Self-Assessment Tool, produced by national organisation, Be. Lab who are focused on creating and enabling a 100% accessible New Zealand.