GO Rentals is first rental car company in NZ to offer new Tesla

6 October 2022

Electric Vehicles are proving popular for people steering clear of gas-guzzling, but local companies have had to contend with supply chain delays in getting these new cars onto the road. 

James Dalglish, Chief Operating Officer, GO Rentals says they are thrilled to be adding at least nine of the luxurious and environmentally friendly Tesla Model Y EVs to their fleet, available now at Auckland Airport but soon to be available at all GO Rentals locations, later this year - Auckland City, Wellington, Christchurch, Dunedin, Queenstown and Nelson (excluding Waiheke).

"As travel opens up and we head into summer, we are pleased to be expanding our options of how locals and international visitors can enjoy traveling around the country. The Tesla Y is a phenomenal model to offer our customers. 

"There are plenty of advantages in opting for an EV - and not just to protect the planet. 

"You don't have to fill it up on return! Charging using the Tesla supercharger network is super-efficient. You can get from 20% to 80% in about 30 minutes if the battery is preconditioned," Dalglish says.  

John Osborne, Director of GO Rentals, states: "We want a sustainable world. With more than 85% of the power in New Zealand being renewable energy, EVs are a fantastic option for the Kiwi public."

"Over the long term the benefits to the country and the world are huge. Think of the foreign exchange the country will save by not buying all that oil from offshore.,’ Osborne states.  

Rental car demand had been holding up particularly well in the domestic market, leading to rising rental costs since pre-COVID-19 times. 

"Costs are increasingly up due to inflation, labour rates, vehicle ownership, right across the board,’’ Osborne says.   

The Model Y offers an enticing blend of usable range and straight line performance; Tesla claims that the Rear-Wheel Drive model manages up to 455kms from a single charge of its 57.5K Wh battery (based on WLTP testing standard) and can go from 0-100km/h in 6.9 seconds.  

The Tesla Model Y delivers on the core Tesla principles that have gained the car company its notoriety. It’s greatly suited for leisure travel, there’s lots of space in the cabin for the driver and passengers, abundant storage capacity, it has impeccable technology and it's fast.  

The Tesla Model Y will have connectivity to the GO Rentals Mobile app. This will allow all GO Rentals customers to have some great functionality such as remote lock/unlock, the horn, and the lights but most importantly, monitoring the battery percentage. 

The environmental benefits behind EV uptake can’t be challenged. Road transport pollution is responsible for over 20% of all CO2 emissions caused by humans*. EVs reduce harmful vehicle emissions by up to 30% when operating with electricity generated from fossil fuels, and this figure grows beyond 70% when using renewable energy sources. 

A more sustainable future is in sight as interest in EVs (electric vehicles) continues to accelerate, with almost half of Kiwis open to making the switch**. 

A survey conducted by financial site Finder revealed 45% of New Zealanders would consider buying an electric vehicle as their next car. 56% of Gen Z would consider an EV, followed by 51% of Millennials and 44% of Gen X.  

With so many reasons behind going electric, consumers should be trying before buying and what better way to do that than by renting a new luxurious and environmentally friendly Tesla Y from GO rentals and taking a great New Zealand road trip over Summer.  

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