Achieving Economically Sustainable Tourism

Financially successful businesses are able to grasp the opportunities provided by the other elements of sustainability.

Industry Goals 1 & 2

Tourism is delivering prosperity across the New Zealand economy.


1 New Zealand’s total annual tourism revenue has grown to $41 billion by 2025.

2 Tourism businesses are experiencing sustainable growth through ongoing profitability, innovation, quality improvement and investment.

Business Commitments

The Economic Commitments reflect three key aspects that contribute to business success – profitability, investment and productivity.

1 Sustainable Businesses: Businesses focused on long term financial performance.

2 Capital Investment: Businesses invest capital to grow, and/or to improve quality and productivity.

3 Productivity: Businesses innovative and have effective strategies to mitigate the effects of seasonality.

How To

See the Tools pages for guides, useful links and and tips to help you achieve these Economic Commitments.


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