Sustainable procurement policy

become an agent of change

Become an agent of change. Let your suppliers and potential suppliers in your region know what you need and what you expect. Involve them in your efforts to be sustainable while providing

Sustainable procurement takes into account all the risks and impacts involved in the purchase of goods or services. More about sustainable procurement. 

Some questions to ask your suppliers from

  • What sustainable options they have and how the improvements can be proved?
  • Where their products come from and the conditions in which they are made?
  • What the packaging is made of, how it can be disposed of, and whether they will take it back?
  • Whether the product will be reused, recycled or can be easily repaired?

business opportunities to local enterprises.

Don’t forget to tell your visitors and host community about your efforts. Include details of your sustainable purchasing policy in all your online content as these are the details that potential visitors are increasingly looking for.


Useful links

Business guide to a sustainable supply chain

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