How to support a conservation project

Protecting and enhancing the natural resources of the tourism industry is closely linked to the long term success of the industry and therefore of all tourism businesses. 

We recommend that tourism businesses choose at least one historical or environmental restoration (trapping / tree planting /water restoration) project to support. 

How to support a conservation or restoration project

There are lots of different ways to support conservation and restoration projects – you could donate, volunteer time, or encourage your visitors to visit, donate or volunteer. You could even team up with other businesses from your area for a combined effort.

Getting involved in projects to eradicate wilding pines or noxious weeds is another way you can support environmental restoration.

Find a project to support

You’ll find local conversation projects throughout New Zealand, or there are national initiatives you could support. Some good places to start:

Plant trees. Trees That Count, Million Metres 

Clean up beaches or waterways. Sustainable Coastlines, Sea Shepherd

Protect NZ birdlife by adopting a valley

Sponsor pest traps. Squawk Squad, Predator Free NZ

The Naturespace website provides information on ecological restoration groups around New Zealand.

Information about weeds that pose serious threats to New Zealand 

The Department of Conservation website offers lots of ways to get involved in environmental initiatives, including volunteering, educating, activities, having your say, running projects and applying for funding