Carbon neutral

offset your emissions

Reduction of carbon emissions is critical but for most tourism businesses it won’t be possible to reduce all your emissions. There is where offsetting comes in. Purchasing carbon credits allows you to create a ‘net zero’ carbon balance by supporting projects that store, avoid or reduce carbon in the atmosphere. You can offset your carbon emissions by contributing to carbon offset programmes either in your community or through providers such as Toitū Envirocare or Ekos.


Helpful Resources

Mitigating your carbon footprint

Information from Toitū Envirocare on mitigating your carbon footprint by offsetting your emissions.

What happens when I offset my emissions?

The Ekos website has lots of useful information on carbon offsetting. Check out their FAQs on carbon footprints and all about carbon credits 

How to develop a carbon offset programme

Adventure Travel News outlines steps to take to implement a carbon offset program in your business. 


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