January  - September 2017

Establishing a Tourism Sustainability Commitment to sit alongside the Tourism 2025 economic goal was a priority project for TIA in 2017/18. The Commitment was developed with an external Reference Group and in consultation with the wider industry.

September 2017

A survey of TIA members established the tourism industry’s current performance levels in economic, visitor, host community and environmental sustainability. The survey results were used to establish industry-level Goals to 2025 and beyond.

November 2017

TIA Chair Grant Webster launched the Tourism Sustainability Commitment on 14 November at the Tourism Summit Aotearoa in Wellington.

Around 40 ‘early adopters’ were already signed up on launch day.

The sustainabletourism.nz website was launched, including resources to enable tourism businesses to achieve and exceed the 14 Commitments. 

November 2017 - ongoing

New Zealand tourism businesses were encouraged to sign up to the commitment.

November 2018

The first Commitment scorecard was released, measuring progress against the industry-level Goals and business Commitments.

April 2019

The target of over 1,000 businesses signed up to the TSC was reached.

August 2019

The TSC was announced as a finalist in the Communicating for Change category of the Sustainable Business Network Awards.

January 2020

The second Commitment scorecard was released, showing increased progress against the industry-level Goals and business Commitments.

August 2020

The TSC was refreshed, and amended to 12 commitments, including the introduction of a Culture & Heritage commitment.