Business Commitment Guides

Download the 14 Business Commitment Guides in one document, or download the individual guides below.


Economic Commitment Guides

Sustainable Businesses Guide

Commitment 1: Businesses are focused on long-term financial performance


Capital Investment Guide

Commitment 2: Businesses invest capital to grown, and/or to improve quality and productivity



Commitment 3: Businesses innovate and have effective strategies to mitigate the effects of seasonality

Visitor Commitment Guides

Visitor Satisfaction

Commitment 4: Businesses undertake visitor satisfaction monitoring, evaluation and reporting


Product and Market Development

Commitment 5: Businesses innovate to improve or upgrade their offering to enhance visitor experience 


Visitor Engagement

Commitment 6: Businesses educate visitors about New Zealand’s cultural and behavioural expectations


Host Community Commitment Guides


Sustainable Employment

Commitment 7: Businesses pay a fair wage to all staff


Quality Employment

Commitment 8: Businesses support their workforce to flourish and succeed


Community Engagement

Commitment 9: Businesses actively engage with the communities in which they operate 

Sustainable Supply Chains

Commitment 10: Businesses have socially and environmentally sustainable supply chains


Environmental Commitment Guides

Ecological Restoration

Commitment 11: Businesses contribute to ecological restoration initiatives


Carbon Reduction

Commitment 12: Businesses have carbon reduction programmes towards carbon neutrality 


Waste Management

Commitment 13: Businesses have waste reduction and management programmes



Commitment 14: Businesses actively engage with their visitors and communities on the importance of restoring, protecting and enhancing New Zealand’s natural environment