Camp Glenorchy world's first zero-energy hospitality business

Paul and Debbi Brainerd, two retired software developers from Seattle, have built a 100% sustainable inn and camping ground in the tiny Lake Wakatipu town of Glenorchy.

'Camp Glenorchy' features seven resource-efficient cabins and bunkrooms built from recycled and repurposed materials, as well as powered and unpowered campervan sites. The design of the buildings incorporates the work of New Zealand and international artists, and some of the wood used in construction is from post-quake Christchurch. 

Once inside the buildings, guests use a tablet to fix their level of energy consumption and monitor their energy use. All electricity is generated through solar panels. Toilets are composting and so need no flushing, and all wastewater from showers and sinks is fed through chemical-free treatment areas and eventually used for irrigation. Drinking water is collected in three 60-litre rainwater tanks.

Camp Glenorchy is part of 'The Headwaters', a series of environmentally sustainable tourism projects that the Brainerds are spearheading in Glenorchy. Read more at Camp Glenorchy's website, in this article from the Otago Daily Times and in this article from the Southland Times.